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Free Tech Support Chat Room

Welcome to the free Computer Help Chat. This is an OPEN computer chat room, where users receive free technical support from volunteers with all levels of experience. Ask computer questions, get live online computer help, tech support, tutoring, or discuss computer related topics.

1. Type your question or explain your problem with detail. BE PATIENT! You will get a response. Volunteers aren't always avilable every second of the day.
2. Please help others NOW if capable. No sign-up required.
3. Help support us and join our community.
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WARNING: This is an OPEN chat, and you will be talking to strangers. Not all volunteers are professional technicians! DON'T ACCEPT offers for remote repairs from anyone except Operators. Operators have a @ in front of their name.

Anyone is welcome to volunteer. Please help others if capable!! There is no signup process to volunteer. You will receive computer help from users with all levels of experience, and advice given is not the opinion of Eugene Computer Geeks. All types of Geeks volunteer here including professional computer technicians, students, and intermediate users.

This chat room can be accessed from any IRC client, including XChat, ChatZilla, or MIRC. The Computer Help Chat is on the IRC server, and the channel is ##Computer-Help-Chat

There are many different types of volunteers and users that frequent the Computer Help Chat from all over the world. Some are students looking to gain experience, others professional technicians that enjoy volunteering. Not everyone is a professional, and there is no formal process for becoming a volunteer. People may offer advice or help without permission.

1. Be kind, courteous, and patient.
2. When asking questions, use detail!
3. Don't say "Can someone help me?!", ask your question and wait!
4. Users under the age of 13 are not allowed!
5. Be cautious when following advice, and be VERY careful with trusting other users.

Eugene Computer Geeks is NOT responsible for any damage done to your computer or devices. The opinions in this chat room do NOT reflect those of Eugene Computer Geeks!

Don't accept offers for live remote repair support unless the user is an operator. Operators will have a @ in front of their name. If a regular user offers remote tech support, speak with an operator first.

Type your desired Nickname and enter the "captcha" you see in the blue chat box located above. Click "Connect" to start.

The Computer Help Chat (Free Tech Support Chat) operates like a regular chat room. Ask your computer question with detail and wait for a response. If nobody responds, please wait! Someone WILL help you eventually.


1. Our Google+ Community or Facebook - Visit our Facebook page, and click "Like". You can then post questions on our wall. We check the Facebook page often, and is a great resource for when help isn't available in the chat.

2. Email - You can also try emailing Make sure you ask your question with lots of detail.

Call, text or e-mail (541)-357-7222