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 UPDATED: SEP 5th, 2014Bypass Internet Filters

Ever needed to bypass an internet filter at school, work, or when using a restrictive network away from home? There are many different types of internet filters that function in many different ways, but I have yet to find one that couldn’t easily be circumvented. Not all of the methods listed below will work on all filters, so it’s best to try each method and become familiar with it.  Don’t let an internet filter block you from websites you need to visit. Use the techniques illustrated below.

You can use Google cache to bypass almost any internet filter. Google saves a snapshot of all pages it crawls, and you can view the site through the Google cache. Almost no internet filters are set to block Google, and by using the Google cache version of a website, you can view a site without having to leave Go to Google and search for:

For example if you want to view the Facebook page for President Obama, you’d type into google: site:

When I was shopping for a new laptop at a large retail computer and electronics store, I asked if I could use their computer to look up some information and reviews on the laptop I was interested in purchasing.   The employee stated that I was welcome to use their computer, but that their internet filter was very restrictive.  I started searching on Google and noticed almost all the sites were being blocked by the filter.  I showed the employee how easy it was to view the Google Cache version of the page, and get all the information I needed. Using Google Cache to bypass internet censors/filters is an excellent way to access a blocked site quickly, and if you are just getting basic info from the site. In this case, a cached copy from Google should fit your needs.


Both are excellent free options to circumventing internet censorship. is based on Tor but was developed mainly for countries that provide censorship, while the Tor Browser Bundle which can be run from a USB is a fantastic way to bypass filters, and it also is a great way to browse the web anonymously. Please check out the video below for situations where you can’t install or run Tor.

Many web proxy websites are now available which you can use to circumvent most internet filters. Web proxies allow you to access a website through their network, making the contents behind the site invisible.  Use sites like,,,,,,, or If the internet filter manages to block the web proxy, try finding the IP number by using the instructions located below.  If you are able to change your internet settings, you can also try using an actual HTTP proxy, which can be found at free proxy list sites like   VPN’s are like proxies but encrypted and more expensive.  Any paid proxy service is more than enough for the average user just trying to bypass the censors.

On a lot of internet filters you can use the IP address of the website instead of the domain name to bypass the filter.  You can use the ping command in the Windows command prompt to find the IP address of a site. Example: ping , which will give you the IP for  On Linux or Mac use the host command in the terminal. Example: host  will give you the sites IP address. Then try using the IP address of the site instead of the regular domain name. This will bypass most internet filters and get right around the blocking of the website.  If you need to get the IP, but don’t have access to the command prompt. You can use the site to find the IP address of any website.

Occasionally switching a site to the SSL encrypted version will bypass filters. Try using instead of  Sometimes this will bypass the internet filter because SSL uses encryption, which the filter software can’t read.

In many cases you can get around a blocked site by using the foreign version of the website.  Years ago, I needed to talk to someone on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) while at a library, but noticed it was blocked. The internet filter was very restrictive and wouldn’t allow the user to visit web proxy sites.  I searched Google for foreign versions of AIM. First site that came up was the french version of the online browser-based AIM web client.  It got right past the filter with no problems. Most filters are only configured for one language.

GOOGLE TRANSLATE  also translates websites.  In some cases you can use Google Translate to bypass internet censors and filters.  Just translate the site you want to visit by typing the website’s URL into Google Translate.  You CAN use the same language the website is using.  Google Translate works a lot like Google cache, but on some filters that block Google cache, Google Translate is almost always available.

The “Way Back Machine” from is a site that archives a HUGE portion of all web pages on the internet. You can view websites going back years and years.  Very few internet filters block, and you can view most websites with this tool and fool the filter/censor.


  1. These are all great tricks, but if you`re looking for a permanent fix to unblocking sites, your best bet is a VPN service, Unlike a proxy, a VPN will also encrypt your traffic, and will usually get you better speeds.

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