Where to buy a computer or computer parts in Eugene Oregon, Computer...

Where to buy a computer or computer parts in Eugene Oregon, Computer Stores

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Living in Eugene, Oregon there are limited options for buying a new or used computer locally.  The following guide is a list of computer stores in Eugene where you can buy a new computer or computer parts.

BEST BUY – The store with the best selection is Best Buy in the Gateway Mall, but I don’t recommend them for several reasons.  They only have a 15 day return policy, unfriendly staff that are generally unhelpful and inexperienced.  They also try and get customers to use their Geek Squad repair service, which is a huge rip off.  Check their reviews on Google Places or Yelp, and you’ll see what I mean. There is a reason they are going out of business.

STAPLES  – Better return policy than best buy. Decent selection

OFFICE DEPOT - I’ve had good experiences here although I’ve noticed that a lot of the computers and printers they have on display they don’t have in their inventory.

VOS COMPUTERS-  People have told me mixed things about VOS.  I’ve heard they are slightly over priced, but they are local and family owned, and they parts in stock that nobody else in town likely has.

NEXTSTEP RECYCLING-  Personally I feel like they are way over-priced on a lot of items like used computers and cell phones, but have good deals on some parts and other items. They don’t have a return policy. They have a limited exchange policy and with a very short period after purchase.  I’ve noticed their used computers tend to be over priced, and you can get a much better deal on a used computer off of Craigslist.

RADIOSHACK- Radioshack just isn’t the store they used to be. They have a very small inventory, and high prices.  They do have a somewhat decent selection of electronics parts.

CRAIGSLIST- Craigslist is one of the best way to find good deals on Computers and Parts in Eugene.  Just make sure to do a full check on everything you buy, and their is always a small risk you take when buying from a stranger online.

MAC STORE- If you like apple products, the Mac store is the place to go.

EUGENE COMPUTER GEEKS-  We don’t sell computers but we will help you find the right computer for you, free of charge. For Computer Repair Services or web design, please try EUGENE COMPUTER GEEKS.
If you don’t mind the wait, the best deals and selections can be found online.  The Internet is a buyers market and you can find great deals if you know where to look.

Newegg.com- Excellent prices and selection. Good return policy.

Amazon Market Place-  Amazon Market Place is an excellent way to buy computers, electronics or parts in new or used condition from sellers from around the world. This is not to be confused with regular Amazon.com.  Make sure the seller you buy from has lots of positive reviews and feedback. 

Ebay-  Now days, Ebay has become a buyer’s market.

Google Shopping- Google has added a shopping feature to their search, which allows you to search for millions of stores on the Internet.  I also use it to look up a certain item and get a good price comparison.


Computer Stores and Parts Eugene Oregon

Thanks for reading my guide. I hope you now have a better idea of what the best computer stores in Eugene Oregon are.  Please Comment and Share.


    • I couldn’t agree more although I don’t approve of the organization. There is an even better place thats small and they actually recycle parts. The owner’s name is Tim and they are called WineFelly http://www.winefelly.com/. Unlike Nextstep that throws out what they can’t sell and charges ridiculous prices, Winefelly is the place to go to drop stuff off. I’ve personally seen their shop and whatever can’t be used, they totally take it apart. It’s run by a nice father and son, and feel bad I didn’t do more volunteer work for them. They really recycle every little part and are really nice guys. I think they are actually selling stuff now too, but I’ve been out of Eugene for over a year now.

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