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what is the fastest linux distro of 2012
List of the fastest Linux distros of 2012 (Picture from

Aug 30th, 2014: There are many Linux distributions to choose from that vary greatly in look, speed, and functionality.  The Windows Manager is what controls the GUI and appearance of your Linux distro, and is responsible for the majority of speed on your Linux OS (Operating System). I didn’t include some of the Linux flavors that are so tiny that they aren’t practical for most users.

The following is a list of the fastest Linux Distros of 2014. The list is based on boot-time speed, how light it is on system resources, and the load time for applications.  We also kept into consideration functionality and performance.

1. Xubuntu

Our top choice because Xubuntu is feature rich and lightening fast. It has an excellent reputation, easy to install, and has a very large following of users.  Out of all the different Ubuntu distributions, Xubuntu is optimized for older hardware, and was created to be as lightweight as possible.  Xubuntu uses GTK whenever possible for optimal speed.  Xubuntu also has a huge community for support, and is based on and very similar to the regular Ubuntu desktop edition.

2. Ubuntu/Xubuntu with IceWM

IceWM is a very minimalistic windows manager that is lightening fast.  Regular Ubuntu or Xubuntu running IceWM will be extremely fast, lightweight, and low on system resources.  The downside of IceWM is that it’s very limited in functionality and would not be an ideal choice for beginners new to Linux.  Some knowledge of how to use the command line/terminal is necessary, and IceWM requires some tweaking and configuring to get the menus and icons setup properly.

If speed is your primary concern, and you aren’t afraid of using the command line, IceWM can be an ideal choice. To install IceWm in Ubuntu or Xubuntu, open the terminal and type:  sudo apt-get install icewm

3. Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux is very fast, and is the fastest Linux distro when running Live from a CD, DVD, or USB.   Like most Linux distros you can use Puppy Linux with no installation, and without using a hard drive by loading it live which runs from the RAM and CD, DVD, or USB you are booting with.  Puppy is lacking in some functionality that the Ubuntu based distros come with out of the box.

For instance Puppy can mount and read hard drives that are using NTFS, but can not save data to the drive.  I mainly suggest Puppy to users that are looking for a fast Linux experience without needing to install.  It can also be a good choice for older hardware, but I recommend Xubuntu over puppy for users that are looking for long-term users that are wanting to install Linux.

4. Lubuntu

Lubuntu is very low on system resources, but is about the same speed as Xubuntu.  Lubuntu uses the LXDE Windows Manager which is gaining a lot of popularity and might be preferred to XFCE (what Xubuntu uses by default) or IceWM.

5. Arch Linux

Arch is quick, and feature rich, but is geared more towards the advanced Linux user. If speed is a concern and you are an experienced Linux user, I highly suggest you check out Arch Linux if you haven’t already. Arch Linux does require some knowledge of using the command line, and some experience with bash scripting may not be necessary but would be an advantage if using Arch.

You should now have a better understanding of which Linux distro is the fastest for 2014.  Whether you have a very old computer and need a free and lightweight alternative to Microsoft Windows, or maybe you just prefer an operating system that is as fast and lightweight as possible, Linux with a minimalistic GUI is the best option for most users.


For Linux questions or help please use the contact form below or use the comment box to make a suggestion.


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Lately I’ve been starting to lose my steam when it comes to IT work.  Any of you heard of nootropics?  To add a bit of an edge and more energy, focus and memory I started looking into REAL supplements and amino acids backed by years and years or research.

Nootropics are supplements that are considered to be safe and enhance performance. I’ve noticed a huge difference when combining Caffeine Anhydrous (A particular type of caffeine but all types should work with L-Theanine) it has a synergic effect and has been studied. Many IT users especially in programming  / scripting field are getting into nootropics and there are ones that have been studied for years to show benefits and be safe.

I know its helped me with IT work.  For more info Reddit is a great and honest source on nootropics.

Beginner’s Guide to Nootropics.


Reddit recommends as they donate towards good causes like testing shady companies and sending out independent tests.  I’ve had a good experience with their products as has helped me overall programming and IT attention.  I’ve had overall good experience with them too as they sell in bulk with no fillers.

I recommend reading about nootropics first on  Reddit especially about the ones that have been studied the longest and to be the safest AND effective. I HATE snake oil medicine and a big believer in science and proper research, which includes applying the scientific method.


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Technology is an important part of modern business and companies are constantly looking for the best ways to perform essential tasks. If you have a business, you have to look for the best technology that will ensure that you remain competitive in your industry. Any company that is still stuck in the past, doing things the same way they have been done for decades, truly risks losing out. Technology enhances efficiency by allowing tasks to be completed faster and more accurately.

There are many technology systems and software programs available and it is important to look for the best ones for every situation. Before you buy software, you should carry out research so that you avoid making costly mistakes. Many businesses face problems when implementing new systems because they fail to plan before investing in the systems. You can avoid falling into the same problems by doing your homework. Following are some of the pitfalls you should look out for:

Not knowing what you are getting

One common mistake that businesses make is not knowing exactly what they are getting themselves into. They sign up for services without establishing what they are buying. This is a common problem especially when companies hire IT service providers.


They fail to understand the terms of the agreement and they end up paying more than they have expected, certainly not lesser than they thought! It is very important to read the agreement and understand every clause, and the terms and conditions before you sign anything.

Failing to consult within the company

Another common mistake that people make is to invest in systems without finding out the needs of the company. Make sure that you avoid making a unilateral decision by consulting all the departments that will use the systems. The system should allow information to be passed easily between departments to avoid issues. The wrong system can actually do more harm than good. It is important for all the department heads to agree on systems that will benefit the entire organization.

Paying more than is necessary

When you do not know what is available in the market, you are likely to end up paying more than you should. Many companies make the mistake of overpaying for software services because they do not understand exactly what they are getting. Many service providers offer payment plans that look good on the onset because you do not have to pay much initially. However, the monthly, quarterly or annual payments often turn out to be quite exorbitant and you can end up overpaying. This is dangerous because you can discover that you do not have adequate funds to continue paying for the service.

Failing to research the options adequately

One way that many businesses often end up with systems that they do not need is by failing to research the options available. By failing to research what is available, you can end up investing in software that does not have the features you need. Before you buy any system, you should start by identifying exactly what you need. You should never buy software until you know exactly how it will improve your current situation. The reason to invest in new technology is so that you can get a better way to perform essential functions. It is also important to note that improvements in technology means that something new and more advanced is always round the corner.

Failing to get a service level contract

365.14: SIGNED by the Buyer

It is very important to ensure that you look for a vendor who offers an acceptable quality of service. Consider your specific needs so that you ensure that you are getting the services you require. Some service providers offer service level agreements as part of the contract but others do not. This should be an important factor when you are considering where to buy the system. Make sure that you look for a software vendor who will meet your requirements and find out the penalties for failure to keep the agreement.

When buying software, find out how the system performs and establish if you need to provide training for your employees. By researching on the service provider, you can find out their level of performance and the quality of service. This will help you to avoid disappointments in the future. Also, make sure that you take into account all the hidden costs before making the investment.


Chad is a blogger who has written several articles about business systems and software programs. He loves discussing about technology and is fascinated with the preventative maintenance program.

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Laptops have always been the traditional selling juggernauts of Black Fridays past, and this year is looking to be no different. Although expected to face stiff competition from that other class of portable PCs (tablets, for those not in the know), great deals and the fact that laptops are just that functionally robust are sure to give them the edge when all is said and done.

The following are prospects of what to expect in this year’s upcoming Black Friday laptop shopping spree.

Desktop Replacements: High-End Specs at Low Low Prices

Also called (rightly or otherwise) “gaming laptops,” desktop replacements are more often than not expected to hit retail price tags beyond the $1,000 mark due to the high-end hardware they carry. Surprisingly however, this year has seen some releases tagged at just under $800. For comparison’s sake, $800 was the Black Friday 2011 discount price for this laptop class.

If patterns stay true, we could be looking at desktop replacements that could drop to as low as $525 come November 23rd. With laptop components like quad-core i7s, powerful APUs and/or dedicated GPUs, and a minimum of 8 GB of RAM, gaming enthusiasts can expect some rather sweet deals.

Budget Laptops: Drilling Holes Below Rock Bottom?

The previous Black Friday event had budget laptops sold for as low as $180; and some of these were even 15”-16” computers. While these laptops aren’t exactly powerhouses, at that price range, they are liable to get their fair share of the market, especially among the casual computer user crowd.

Going below $180 could prove to be a real challenge, so don’t get your hopes up too high. Still, wouldn’t it be great if we could score laptops for $170?

Thin-and-Lights: Staying Strong

15-inchers embedded with Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge processors have proven to be great sellers in the laptop market. These CPUs give laptops extra horsepower beyond those expected of mid-range portable PCs; and their integrated graphics aren’t too shabby either. Overall, they’re everything most casual users could ever need (or want) in their laptops.

Even better, Ivy-endowed laptops have seen great price drops since this summer, going with discounts as low as 27%; that’s roughly $400 for a machine that’s initially priced at $550 or so. And if past Black Fridays are any indication, we may see these prices drop even lower to $360.

Ultraportables: Popularity Resurgence

When Apple’s MacBook Air came out this year with a redesigned build, consumer interest was reignited, and the ultraportable market was suddenly rife with competition again.

With Ivy Bridge processors sporting more-than-adequate graphics processing power (and with some even having dedicated GPUs of their own), a lot of ultras are nearing the power levels of the bigger laptop types while still retaining their travel-friendly chassis.

Summer price drops brought some ultraportables down to $500, possibly indicating that $400 ultras at this year’s Black Friday isn’t such a stretch. If there ever was a time to own one of these babies, that time would be now.


About Colleen Northcutt:

I’m Colleen Northcutt, a writer, web promoter, and blogger from Reno, Nevada. I work for, where I write about various topics relating technology. Most, of course, are about laptops and notebooks. I am a very passionate, optimistic, and dedicated woman who takes up responsibilities with utmost enthusiasm. In my spare time, I love playing PC games and checking out the latest technological news.

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As a blogger, one of the best ways to get exposure, develop a brand, and build search engine authority is through guest blogging. Guest blogging allows you to showcase your work in front of a targeted audience, as well as build backlinks from high authority, relevant blogs in your niche. When it comes to improving your online visibility these days, there are few methods as effective as guest blogging.

While guest blogging is a simple, straightforward way that you can build traffic and increase search engine rankings, it also takes a significant amount of time and effort. In addition to producing awesome content, you’ll also need to reach out to popular bloggers in your niche and convince them to publish your work. The challenge here is that the popular bloggers in your industry get dozens of requests to publish guest posts every single day. If you want to reap the benefits of guest blogging, you’ll have to stand out and convince busy bloggers that you have something unique to offer – over the hundreds of other eager would-be guest bloggers.

Fortunately for you, many bloggers cripple their chances of landing coveted guest posting spots by making some extremely common mistakes. By avoiding these guest posting mistakes yourself, you’ll greatly increase your chances of landing guest posting opportunities on awesome blogs in your niche. Here are 5 of the most common guest blogging mistakes:

Mistake 1: Not Following Guest Posting Guidelines
While it should go without saying that you follow the blog owner’s guidelines when you’re submitting a guest post –– many bloggers still make the mistake of submitting guest posts or proposals without paying close attention to posted guidelines. The reason blog owners post guest posting guidelines is because they’re inundated with requests and posts as it is – posting guidelines is a way to streamline the publishing process. If you can’t even take the time to follow simple requests, why would a blog owner take the time to review your proposal or guest post?

While guidelines will vary tremendously from blogger to blogger, some common requirements set out by blog owners include:
• Min/Max article lengths
• Specific topic areas
Where/how to submit an article or proposal
• Whether to include a picture
• Where to include your links
• Specific style of writing

Often, this mistake arises because the would-be guest blogger is also making another common guest posting mistake – spamming blog owners.

Mistake 2: Spamming Blog Owners

Another frequent guest blogging mistake is to write up a standard email and simply send it out to as many bloggers as possible. While in theory, this allows you to quickly reach as many bloggers as possible, there are a couple of very good reasons why you don’t want to be spamming bloggers with your guest blogging pitch:

1. No matter how well-crafted you think your emails are, bulk emails inevitably sound spammy. Blog owners will simply throw out your obvious form e-mails.
2. Even if your email doesn’t get immediately moved to Trash, your pitch won’t be convincing if you don’t know who you’re targeting. You don’t know their audience, you don’t know what kind of articles they publish, and you don’t have an understanding of their subject matter.

Rather than simply bulk emailing blog owners with your guest blogging pitch, focus on quality over quantity. While it’s certainly ok to have a basic template to base your emails on, take the extra time to look over each blog, identify areas of interest, and craft proposals tailored to each blogger. You won’t reach as many bloggers as you would by spamming, but your response rate will be exponentially greater.

Mistake 3: Not Pitching Interesting, Relevant Topics
It’s important to take the time to pitch your guest posting ideas before actually writing the article. If you simply send in your guest post without confirming with the blog owner, there’s a good chance that it won’t get published. Even if a blog has a guest post submission page, you can’t be sure the blog is still actively taking guest posting submissions, and more importantly, you don’t know if the blog owner will be interested in the subject matter of your article.

Take the time to reach out to the blog owner beforehand, and be sure to pitch guest post ideas that would be of interest to the blogger’s readers. Avoid topics that have already been covered on their blog. If possible, include some URLs of your past writing, either from your own blog or previous guest posts.

Avoid simply asking the blog owner what you should write about. While in rare cases, a blog owner might request a guest blogger come onto their blog and write about a certain topic, this really only happens if the guest blogger has a particular expertise that the blog owner wants to share with their audience. If you can’t think of any interesting ideas that might interest a blogger’s audience, don’t bother asking for a topic to write about. Successful blog owners will recognize that if you can’t come up with a good topic idea on your own, then you’re unlikely to have anything interesting to write about, even if you’re assigned a topic.

Mistake 4: Submitting Proposals To “A-List” Blogs
Everyone in the tech industry would love a guest post on a blog like TechCrunch or Mashable. Everyone in the financial world would love a guest post on a blog like TheStreet. And everyone in the SEO world would love a guest post on SearchEngineLand or the SeoMOZ blog. But the reality is that – unless you already have a fantastic reputation in your industry – you’re unlikely to get published on the “A-list” blogs in your industry.

Rather than pitching your guest blogging ideas to the busiest editorial teams on the internet, look for bloggers in your niche who have a solid readership base, but aren’t in the mainstream spotlight. Not only will you be able to speak with the blog owner directly, these blogs often have loyal audiences that can translate into loyal readers for your blog as well. Your chances of getting published will increase dramatically if you target the right blogs with your guest posting proposals.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get published on the top blogs in your industry, but spending too much time getting rejected or ignored by the “A-list” blogs of your industry will take away precious time you could spend actually getting published.

Mistake 5: Not Delivering Top Notch Content
In essence, guest posting is an exchange – the blog owner offers the guest poster access to their readers and a strong back-link – the guest poster is offering their knowledge, experience, and writing ability. If your guest posts can’t engage, entertain, inform, or enlighten, then why would a reputable blog owner post your content on their blog? Even if you could get mediocre content published on someone else’s blog, why would that person’s blog readers click through to your blogif your guest post is anything short of outstanding?

Never forget that the building block of successful guest blogging is great content. Your content needs to bring value to the blog owner’s readers, whether that’s in the form of entertainment, inspiration, or knowledge. Write content that you would be proud to post and share on your own blog, take the time to craft great proposals to the right blog owners, and you’ll soon be writing your way to guest blogging

Author Bio:
Nat is a blogger and SEO for
Nat’s writing focuses on search engine marketing, social media, and technology.

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Have the FBI / Monkeypak virus?  You’re not alone. It’s been spreading like crazy and wreaking havoc among the nation.  Eugene Computer Geeks removes the FBI virus for only $30!

The FBI virus is a scam called scareware or a Ransom virus. It is downloaded accidentally, and then locks users out of their computer and claims they need to pay the FBI $200 to avoid prosecution by using the anonymous payment service Moneypak.  Don’t fall for the scam! Hire Eugene Computer Geeks to remove it for you.

Our virus specialist comes on-site at no additional cost (if within the Eugene / Springfield, Oregon city limits).  Scheduled drop-offs available upon request.

This is a guaranteed service, and we have lots of experience with removing this particular virus.  Our competitors charge as high as $200 to $300 to remove it.  We find this unjustified considering it only takes 5-15 minutes to properly remove.

FBI VIRUS REMOVAL SERVICE: -$30! Guaranteed removal. Takes about 5-15 minutes.  On-site removal  This service is for removal of the FBI Virus only.

FULL VIRUS REMOVAL AND PREVENTION SERVICE: -$60! 2 hour service. Removal of FBI / Moneypak virus and all other viruses, malware, spyware, and adware. Most PC’s infected with the FBI virus are infected with other Viruses or Malware as well.  We also install advertisement blocking software, and ensure you have adequate protection installed and setup correctly.  Our Geeks install a malware cleaning tool, tutor users how to stop viruses, and how to properly maintain their PC.

Remote Removal may be available upon request, even if you are not in Oregon.

Call (541) 357-7222 or email

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Web Design Certifications AdobeLooking for some career in web designing, web developing, or just want to be an IT guy? You might have to face a tough challenge because the job opportunities are abundant, but competency is the sole criterion of selection. You will need some relevant certifications to impress the prospective employers and to find the dream job. What are the most influential courses that could help your resume to stand out? Here are some mentioned, popular and in demand. Pick up the one that suits your interests.

Adobe Certified Expert

If you have interest in designing, then you might have heard the word of adobe. Photoshop of Adobe has been the most popular designing platform and has added to the repute of the company. If you become an Adobe certified Expert, you can gain the title of certified Adobe Instructor, a well-paid job.

CIW Certification

Certified internet web professional, or CIW is considered as one of the standard web design certifications. The participants are offered with web design as well as web development series. The course contents also include JavaScript, Perl, and many other specific programs.

Online Certification At W3Schools

W3Schools have become a common standard for professional web certification. Gone are the days when W3Schools were the first place to offer web development courses, but now their certification programs are more popular and more beneficial. Their programs cover

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Query

And the list goes on.

Certifications For PHP And Zend Framework

PHP is the widely used programming language around the world. Zend is also a good name in the global IT industry, particularly for their Zend-Framework. Zend certification has become a standard to judge employees who have applied against a post. For PHP programmers, to go for Zend certification is a wise decision.

Other than the above certifications, there are certification options of database Administration, Red Hat Linux RHCSA/RHCSE. The later one is more about computer repairing, networking, servers, and programming. The more you explore your passion the more you will feel inclined towards some certification and the more would be the chances to get a good job or a raise.PHP certified

If you want to become an IT professional or a competent web designer, being in high demand, then you will have to put some extra charm at your resume. To appeal to the prospective employers, there is a dire need of some professional certification. Look at the options given above, you will find some good certification course for you. Do consider your personal interests in mind while opting for a specific certification.

Author Bio
This post is written by peter north. He loves to write about the technology stuff and currently he is working with a web design company.

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Iphone 5 and Galaxy S III Comparison

Apple and Samsung, both competing to provide the consumers with high tech mobile devices. Apple has declared its latest iPhone 5 as the best device they have ever made. Compared to that, Galaxy S III is also experiencing the best sales record with its multicarrier availability, 4G LTE capability, larger display, and robust performance. The comparison of both phones is presented in the lines below!

The new screen of iPhone 5 is 4 inches, compared to 3.5 inches of the iPhone 4S. Although, Galaxy S III has 4.8 inches screen, and many other Android phones have larger screens, iPhone 5 seems bit smaller, but it all depends on the choice of the consumers. iPhone 5 is handy, whereas the larger screens can’t be used by one hand. However, for business owners, larger screens means larger display, that’s what they want.
The pixel density of iPhone’s retina is 326 pixels while Galaxy S III has 306ppi.

Cameras are what give the iPhone 5 an edge over Galaxy S III. The rear-faced camera is 8 mega pixels and front faced camera is 1.2 megapixels. The front camera is dynamic, work excellent in low light, and can support videos upto 720 pixels. All it makes the FaceTime chats bit better. The Galaxy S III doesn’t work well in low light, although it has 1.9 megapixels front-faced camera.

The processor of iPhone 5 is A6, that is better than iPhone 4S. It ensures better gameplay. The dual core chip of GSIII is better than iPhone 4S; however, it’s given a tough time by iPhone 5. The Ram of GSIII is 2GB, whereas, iPhone 4S has 512MB and iPhone 5 has 1GB. It gives Samsung an edge over iPhone 5. The battery life of iPhone 5 is 8 hours) despite being LTE capable). However, GSIII has 8-12 hours of battery, depending on how much a user uses the device.

Operating System
iPhone 5 has the latest operating system, iOS 6. There are many additional features offered in new OS. The Google maps and YouTube app are the most interesting features.

The bigger screen makes the apps appear clearer, but if they are updated. The older apps appear in a letterbox mode.
Siri is also updated in iPhone 5 that enables the users to search for movies or score sports. The voice quality is made excellent even with 3 mics. One can realize that while being in a noisy area. The voice quality of GSIII is not as good as that of iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 starts with $199 (16 GB) and $399 for 64GB. The company offers two-year contract. Galaxy S III is available at $199 (16GB version); however, the 32GB version is being sold at $249. It shows a less price compared to iPhone 5. GSIII doesn’t have the 64GB version.

Both iPhone 5 and GSIII are the popular devices among mobile consumers around the globe. The benefits of both are huge; however, one device may have an edge over the other device due to the users’ preferences. To gain maximum advantages of iPhone 4, you will have to unlock iPhone 4 by using authentic software. Go to the vendors that are reliable and ensure guaranteed satisfaction.

Author Bio:
This contribution is made by Michael Shore. He is working as writer and auditor with unlockiphonezone which provides unlock iPhone 4 services.

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Printers are increasingly becoming a must-have item, for every office environment. They are devices that allow you to transfer material from your computer to paper, quite literally from soft copies to hard-copies. Considering the fact that there are many occasions where the organization will need some information to be in the hard copy form, this makes the printer an indispensable item.

When choosing a printer for your office, you ought to consider several factors. The first one is the type of printer that will meet your needs. There are 4 basic types of printers; the dot matrix printer, line printer, inkjet printer and laser printer. These printers carry out their functions differently and you need to understand how they function so that you can know the best pick for your office.

1. The dot matrix printer as the name suggests, transfers the characters to paper in a series of dots. The printer head has a couple of sharp pins, which transfer dots of ink onto the paper. This type of printer is quite cheap, but it produces terrible noises while working, it not the best idea for an office which requires a quiet, serene environment!

(Photo credits: tsakshaug)

2. The line printer works in a similar way to the dot matrix printer but it is much faster as it produces whole lines of text as opposed to one character at a time. The quality is however quite low.

3. Inkjet printers work by spreading tiny jets of ink onto the paper to produce high quality print material.

4. The laser printer on the other hand uses laser light to produce very high quality printed text. The type of printer you choose will largely affect the output you get so choose wisely.

Another consideration you need to make is technological advancements. The technology behind printers has undergone serious evolution in the recent past. You are not, for instance, limited to printers that require manual, wired connections to the computers in the office. With wireless technology, you can print easily from wherever you are within the office.

Some modern printers even come with the option to connect them to the internet, meaning you can print remotely from thousands of miles away. Another aspect of technology you can consider is whether the printer will require you to turn the pages over manually so that it can print on both ends or it can do so automatically.

Once you have determined by comparing your office requirements with the exact type of printer functionality that you want for your office, then you are free to go online to do your brand name research. Many companies sell printers, but you want the very best. The simplest way to make sure that you are purchasing from the best company is by doing an online search.

Some of the key things you should look out for in this search are the customer reviews of the printers. A given printer might appear quite attractive to you having all the qualities you require, but it is only someone who has used the product who would be in a good position to tell you which problems the printer might have.

Some of the common printer issues include paper jams, which are incidences of the paper getting stuck while printing is going on. This usually results in ink smudges and leaks. You want to avoid such problems. A good quality printer should produce a neat and highly legible output.

(Photo credits: zen)

The printer should also not be slow. The average speed should be about 10 pages of printouts per minute. This is what you should look for in customer reviews so that you can be sure that the printer you finally settle on is the best in the market.

Price is not and should not be the most important element of consideration, but it would be foolish not to give it some thought. You should be prepared to spend a bit of your money to ensure that you get a good printer. This should be viewed as an investment in office infrastructure.

Do not buy a low quality printer because it is cheaper, this is a decision you will definitely regret. You would be better advised to even give it some time for you to raise enough money so that you can buy a problem-free printer that everyone in the office will enjoy using.

This article has been written by Chad, an IT technician who has in the process had quite some experience with printer cartridges.

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should you get the new iphone5?Everyone seems to be throwing a fuss over the new iPhone.  Deciding whether to upgrade?  The new iPhone 5 is taller, but there is a market for more generously sized screens (like the Galaxy S III).  Every iPhone is usually faster than its predecessor, and phones do slow down over time as applications evolve and utilize more resources.  Apple has added a new chip to the iPhone 5: the A6 chip.  Apple claims it to be twice as fast as the iPhone 4S.

Apple also bumped up the camera in the new iPhone 4S.  While it’s still the same old 8 megapixel camera, The shutter is now much faster.  It no longer lags in between shots.  You can also take panoramas.  The software was also improved, and is better at low-light images.  It’s now easier than ever to share your photos on Facebook and Twitter, with the new integration available in iOS.

Do you use your iPhone as a navigator?  Every iPhone 5 comes with iOS 6, which removed Google Maps and added Apple’s own map application.  While Apple’s user interfaces are awesome, they are not the best at data collection.  Streets are missing, images are messed up, et al.  While they scramble to make the application work properly, users have found a quick fix: using

Are you a movie watcher?  The iPhone 5 has a slightly bigger screen at four inches, giving applications more room.  This is fantastic for anyone who watches a lot of videos on their phone, reads a lot, and much more.  With the added space, there is now an added row of icons to the home screen.  Text that used to be hard to read should now be easy to see.

Is the iPhone 5 worth the upgrade?  If you have anything less recent than an iPhone 4, yes.  The retina screen on the iPhone 4 and its later models is much better.  If you have an iPhone 4, unless you’re a serious gamer or would find use out of Siri, you should wait until the next iPhone, when all of the iPhone 5 adopters will have old technology.