How To Insert Page Numbers in Microsoft Office 2007
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Inserting Page Numbers in Office 2007

QUESTION: How do you insert page numbers in Mirosoft Office 2007?

ANSWER: The easiest way to give instructions is for you to watch the video located below.

Original Chat Log from Free Computer Help Chat

jb: Hello all. How do you insert page numbers in Microsoft Office 2007, so that the first page is blank, and the second page is #1, the third page is # 3, and so on and so forth. I don't want the first page to have a number, because it is a title page, and the second page to begin off with 1.
jb: than ok....
Geek: jb, please watch this video
Geek: It has everything you need to know about ineserting page number in Office 2007.
jb: thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!
Geek: jb, no problem any time. Please feel free to hang out in here anytime
jb: Will tell friends about this... great service!!! thanks again!
Geek: No Problem Anytime. Please use us again when you need help or technical support.
jb: Ok will do! Thanks.

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