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Eugene Computer Geeks offer the best option for Web Design and Computer Repair Eugene, Oregon, with the most affordable prices.


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We offer FREE Computer Help online, including Instruction and Tutoring. Just enter our free online chat room. NO registration required.


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We provide Full IT & Computer Services including; Eugene Computer Repair, Web Design, Programming, Graphic Design, Networking, Virus Removal, Data Recovery, Instruction/Tutoring.


Eugene Computer Repair


...We here at Eugene Computer Geeks are eager to help!

Our mission is to provide clients with great computer repair, web design, and IT Services. As a team of highly skilled, local computer technicians, we endeavor to offer exceptional computer services, web design, and more-often at less than half the price of many of our competitors.

Moreover, we can come to you onsite or in-home at no additional cost; or you may drop-off your computer or other equipment to us for repairs or other services. Learn more about our in-home computer service, Or call us directly at (541) 357-7222. We will be happy to provide you with FREE estimates. Furthermore, we will guarantee our work.

Web Design Eugene Oregon

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! We aim to provide you with consistently high quality services. If you are not pleased with the result of our efforts, we will happily continue to work with you until your computer issues/needs are resolved. And if we cannot resolve the issue, we will refund your money.

Computer Repair Eugene OR

Eugene Computer Repair

Is your computer just working all wrong: stalling, freezing, not booting-up; Well, Eugene Computer Geeks can work for you to make it all right. We'll provide you with top quality repair, service, and help at affordable prices. We repair laptops, desktops, printers, and other external/electronic devices. And we'll even provide you a free estimate when you call. So don't risk wasting your energies spending valuable time on long calls that only leave you disappointed. Give us a try and you'll see why we are the best option for Web Design and Computer Repair in Eugene Oregon.

Virus/Spyware Removal

Are computer problems bugging you? Or, rather, has your PC gone all buggy, thus creating problems for ... YOU?! We have lots of remedies to help cure what ails virus-infected computers that have gone all kaflooey on you (ka-"flu-"ey, get it?!). (We know, it's hard to find the humor when you fear all the documents and data on your computer - the Great American Novel, or the Cure for Cancer, or All Your Friends/Family/Photos/Contacts - have been infected or corrupted.)

And with the advent of new, advanced, and harder-to-see but easier-to-get computer viruses, most computer owners/users have viruses running on their PC without even knowing it. Our computer Geeks have the expertise and practice at both removing and preventing computer viruses, spyware, and malware. We even have the ability to remove viruses if/when your computer won't even boot up.

Eugene Web Design

Eugene Computer Geeks' web designers use their skill and experience to provide you with elegant and effective websites to suit your personal and professional needs. Furthermore, our Web Design Geeks can instruct you how to make changes to - and how to maintain - your website. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO) and can help position your site in the top tiers on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and on other search engines.

Eugene Data Recovery

Lose all your data?! Don't panic! (Well, ok, too late: you've probably ALREADY panicked.) But now please Step-Away-From-The-Keyboard! We have oh-so-many tools to retrieve your files - even if you've accidentally deleted them or, say, erased them by reformatting your hard drive. (Now why'd you go and do that?)

We use the same software packages that law enforcement utilizes to investigate criminals, which is pretty darn sophisticated. So we almost always can recover your lost or deleted files! Moreover, our data recovery service usually requires approximately one hour. Thus, whereas many data recovery businesses will charge you hundreds of dollars for this service, Eugene Computer Geeks can recover your lost data for a fraction of that price - usually for less than $40.

Serving Eugene/Springfield in Lane County Oregon.

We can come to your location at no additional cost! Drop-offs and remote repairs are also available. Give us a chance to show you why we are the best choice for computer repair in Eugene, Oregon.

Call, text, e-mail, or chat live 24/7 (541)-357-7222